I recorded Adentro es una fiesta!  during the first Corona lockdown in a dusty and dark basement in Berlin with my old Computer`s integrated microphone. The basement: my safe place…underground…hidden away from neighbors that could complain.. 
The dance scenes are snippets from collaborative videos I did with other music bands and the online dance classes I gave during that time. Watch the full video




dance sabina celeste
arte mama Sabina
shekere sabina


Español / Englisch / Deutsch


This class is inspired in Latin and African rhythms and traditional/urban dance movements. Anyone with a love of movement, whether beginner or professional, is more than welcome.

* We will warm-up by isolating different body parts- this will help you refine your ability to control each part independently.

* You will lean rhythmic individual dance steps and sequences- this will bring you to be present with your body in the now.  You are encouraged to interpret the movements as you wish, to tailor the movements to your own body's characteristics, and express your creativity using the guidance I'll provide you.

* We will end the class with a little bit of improvisation and stretching.

Get ready to groove, sweat, express and have a full body experience!

Location: classes will temporarily take place in a small studio close to S Hermannstr in Neukölln until I find a new/bigger one.  Please contact me if you think of attending, since space is limited. 

Day and Time: Wednesdays 7:30 - 9:00 PM
Probestunde: 8 Euro
Einzeltermin: 15 Euros
10er Karte: 130 Euros
Monthly contract: 45 Euros
*Contact me for more information and to register for the class. 


In this course, I will guide the baby's primary caregiver through a series of step-by-step instructions and practical demonstrations aimed at effectively performing baby massage. The technique we will use traces its roots back to India within the framework of Ayurveda, specifically known as Kumara Abhyanga. In European contexts, it's often referred to as Leboyer massage due to its popularization by Frédérick Leboyer. The practice is believed to offer numerous benefits, including relaxation promotion, stimulation of sensory development, and relief from common issues such as infant flatulence and restlessness.

My instruction will primarily focus on infants aged between four and six weeks up to six months old, though the techniques can also be adapted for toddlers up to approximately two years of age. By providing hands-on guidance and clear explanations, my goal is to empower caregivers to seamlessly incorporate this nurturing practice into their baby's daily routine, fostering a stronger bond and nurturing the overall well-being of both the parent and the child. 

One Baby: 50 Euros

Two Babies: 40 Euros (per family & unit)

Three Babies: 35 Euros (per family & unit)


Zertifiziert von der SWAV







I love to dance and play percussion as much as I love teaching and performing. Through time, incredible teachers, travel experiences, and university, my style evolved into a fusion of mainly Latinoamerican, African diasporic, and contemporary movements and sounds. This video is a summary of the dance side: