This class is inspired in Latin and African rhythms and movements. We will warm-up, get to know our bodies better, learn steps, sweat, have fun, and stretch. Anyone with a love of movement, whether beginner or professional, is more than welcome. 

Location: UrbanRaum - Urbanstraße 93, 10967 Berlin
***Ring the doorbell at UrbanRaum located in the 1st backyard.    2nd floor right. Just come in. We dance barefoot, but if you need shoes, please bring your dancing shoes. no street shoes are allowed in the studio.***
Day and Time: Wednesdays 8 - 9:30 PM
Probestunde: 8 Euro
Einzeltermin: 15 Euros
10er Karte: 130 Euros
Monthly contract: 45 Euros
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APRIL 29th, 2023  

10:00 – 14:00  

Glasower Str. 60, 12051 Berlin

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In this 4-hour dance workshop, you will dive into different movements inspired by Latin-American, African, and African diasporic traditional and urban dances. 

The objective of this dance class is to introduce you to a variety of dance steps and techniques inspired by Latin-American, African, and African diasporic rhythms and movements – mainly by traditional and urban dances from Cuba, Guinea, Brazil, and Bolivia. These dance styles are very polyrhythmic and deeply connected to the music. In this class, similarities and differences that exist between the various styles will be identified. You are encouraged to interpret the movements in a way that feels natural and healthy to your body.

This workshop is for teenagers and adults at a beginner or intermediate level.